Ansti Test Systems Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of test facilities for performance measurement of underwater breather apparatus. The facilities are turnkey packages, which utilise computerised data acquisition techniques to display in real time the dynamic performance of the breathing apparatus under test. The systems can be designed and configured to meet specific customer requirements. Our unique quick opening lid systems for the stainless steel pressure vessels allow rapid and accurate testing / certification of all types of diving equipment. Ansti also offers a range of testing, research, development and consultancy services for a wide range of life support systems. Now recognised worldwide, Ansti provides complete confidentiality in all the services it offers and, most importantly, is Independant.

The 2 principal directors are Stan Ellis and Ian Himmens. Stan Ellis is a Chartered/European Engineer with specialist knowledge of regulator design and diving related pressure vessel/high pressure system design to UK and Internation Codes. Ian Himmens, formerly head of the life support systems laboratory at DERA Alverstoke, is a specialist in underwater life support systems conducting work, ranging from SCUBA (50m) and rebreathers (100m) to return-line diving systems (350-400m). With a combined 40 years of experience in the diving industry, a considerable range of engineering and scientific skills are available.